God has given us two hands, one to receive with & the other to give with. Make use of both!

Children for Africa Netherlands is an international a non-profit organization registered with The Kingdom ship of Netherlands here in Rotterdam Holland, since 2011 dedicated to help disadvantaged children Local NGOs & CBO’s in proving them Small Grants, Material AID and Donations  through Churches and Registered organizations  in Africa to enhance their lives through education. Pleases take note if apply for material AID we can’t convert it into cash as we also get support through communities who give depending on proposed requests from the needy organizations/ CBO’s, especially in Africa and when material AID are approved the CBO/ Local NGO which you applied for you should be ready to clear the transportation costs/ Bill of lading to your destinations.

With support from sponsor parents we help hundreds of children in Africa, with food, clothing, medicine, education and sometimes even homes. With support from sponsor parents around the world, we hope we will help many thousands of children in the years to come. All interested CBO’s /Local NGO’s in East And Central Africa can apply for Small Donations, Grants, School fees sponsorship and Material through contacting us on our line form and you must be ready to get registered as our member at a cost of $150 for CBO’s /Local NGO’s and for students at University/ Secondary level are supposed to get registered for processing fee $20 while primary section will apply/get registered at cost of $10 all for full sponsorship.

The Children for Africa Netherlands (CFAN) is a major source of funds and partnership opportunities for NGOs around the world. CFAN offers a significant amount of funding resources for NGOs through grant opportunities and requests for applications. CFAN’s funding resources support a wide range of issues areas: agriculture and food security; democracy and human rights; education; global health; environment and global climate change; gender equality; and Relief to Humanitarian needy and more.

Despite this, many NGOs often do not apply for funding with CFAN because of the complexity and highly competitive nature of the CFAN grant system. The funding guidelines can be difficult to understand, instructions are complicated, and the application form can be difficult to follow. But this should not deter NGOs from trying. With some time and effort, it is possible to understand the grant system and apply for CFAN grants successfully.

Sponsor a Child in CFAN (Rotterdam Netherlands) is a unique and life changing experience, not only for the child but also the sponsor. We strongly believe that by empowering African children through education, you are enabling them to break the cycle of poverty into which they are born.

Without the help of our sponsors, the children supported by children for Africa Netherlands in Rotterdam Holland would have little hope of securing a substantial education; often the only government schools available to these children have large class sizes, limited resources and poorly trained teachers. For children from more developed societies, education is something that can often be taken for granted, but for many African children it is a lifelong dream; by sponsoring a child through CFAN together we can make these dreams a reality.

Children for Africa Netherlands’s Development cooperation partners and
partnerships. In implementing its development cooperation policy, Children for Africa Netherlands works with the Dutch government and other various partners. These include the private sector, civil society organisations (CFAN), non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and research institutions. Cooperation enables knowledge, technology and networks to be pooled.

Our Work in Africa

Working for Children for Africa Netherlands means working for the wellbeing of children in conflict-affected areas, whether in the field, at head office, as a volunteer, or as an intern.


Your registration for partnership membership  gift of $150 for all CBO’s /Local NGO’s in East and Central Africa  ensures that kids living in poverty have access to life-changing benefits like medical care, educational support, life skills and job-training before they graduate after they have registered with us too for the above services.

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We cannot achieve our results by ourselves. With the support of local, national and international organizations, ministries and donors we can change the future.

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